The Juste Group: a
100-year-old startup

100 years of growth, continuously improving our capacity for developing, producing and distributing active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines.

Our focus is on collaborating with pharmaceutical companies and health professionals through innovation and sustainability.

The Juste Group is the result of a merger of two companies: Justesa Imagen, centered on Chemicals, and Juste Farma, pharmaceutical company.

The History of The Juste Group in 3 words:
innovation, dedication and quality.

The trajectory of The Juste Group is defined by the company’s enterprising spirit and innovative character. The years and decades come and go, our passion is like the very first day.

  1. D. Rafael Juste Castán. Founder

    D. Rafael Juste Castán, Doctor of Medicine and Pharmacy and specialist in opthalmology, began the history of Juste when he moved his practice to Madrid. He founded one of the first Spanish companies dedicated to research, development and production of pharmaceutical products and active ingredients. At first, the company was specialized in opthalmology.
    D. Rafael Juste Castán passed away at an early age. His widow, Dª. Inés Buil Cambra, became chairwoman of the company. D. Luis Juste Buil and Dª. Matilde Juste Buil join the board, together forming the company’s second generation, endowing it with great commercial progress

  2. First liver extracts

    D. Luis and Dª. Matilde Juste launched one of the first liver extracts onto the market.

    Juste then became a producer of ephedrine, making technical improvements to its preparation, purification and control

  3. Juste S.A. Manufactures products for synthesis.

    On 1 July 1942, Juste became a Chemical and Pharmaceutical company.

    It continued to develop its production program for liver extracts, eye-drops, anti-rheumatics, antispasmodics, cough sedatives, etc.
    It began production of products for synthesis, like methyl parahydroxybenzoate (inhibitor of bacterial growth).

  4. Innovation in packaging. DOBLENVAS®

    Creation of a new form of packaging for lyophilized injectable products: DOBLENVAS®.

    It was a worldwide success, becoming one of the pillars of the company.

  5. The arrival of a third generation and a new strategic direction

    1963: The company welcomes D. Rafael and Dª. Rosario Juste Sesé. The siblings pick up the baton from the previous generation and start this third and decisive phase.

    The first contrast medium was prepared, the start of a series of pharmaceutical products that would, over the years, cement Juste’s strong position in the market for radiological contrast media.

    In this decade, Juste focused strongly on this line of products, with the start of all the research and development (R+D) activities on radiological contrasts which continue to the present day.

    Production also started for:

    Other active ingredients such as ferrocholinate and culture media.
    Dental anesthetic products, developed through in-house research.

  6. International sales of radiological contrast media

    The international franchise in radiological contrast media is consolidated, establishing Juste as a pioneer in developing and producing these products.

    A succession of important launches of anti-infectives and medical products for primary care.

  7. Justesa Imagen S.A. Research Center

    The JUSTESA IMAGEN S. A. Research Center was set up in 1989 to research and develop new Diagnostic Imaging Products.

    The launch of the vitamin complex Pharmaton Complex, a great success on the market that saw Juste first use soft capsule technology.

    Juste began work in the field of the Central Nervous System with the successful launch of a leading antidepressant in Spain, which would be the foundation of further specialization in this therapeutic area in the coming decades.

  8. A successful decade

    Introduction of new medical products for:

    Magnetic resonance.

    Entry into the gynecology market with the launch of hormone replacement therapy treatments, building company presence in this field.

    Joint marketing and promotion agreements with prestigious international laboratories lead to the launch of new medicines for other therapeutic areas.

    Creation of joint-ventures with the German pharmaceutical laboratory Schering AG for the manufacture of medical products (soft gelatin capsules, radiological contrast media, etc.) and for research, development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

  9. Consolidation of business in different areas

    In these years, Juste strengthened its position in a number of areas:

    Sale of innovative medication in different specialties: Primary Care, Cardiology/hypertension, Gynecology (contraception, osteoporosis), Metabolism and Central Nervous System (epilepsy, migraine, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, pain, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis).
    Founding of Juste Biotech, for R+D into genomic and proteomic diagnostic methods for complex diseases.
    Reinforcement of the Hospital Division of Juste with new launches in the fields of oncology and intensive care.

    Juste acquires the share of the pharmaceutical laboratory SCHERING/BAYER in the joint venture created previously, subsequently strengthening the activity of JUSTESA IMAGEN in R+D and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

  10. Consolidation of business in different areas

    2011: Incorporation of the fourth generation to ownership and management of the Group and appointment of Dª. Inés Juste as chairwoman.

    Definition and implementation of new working systems:

    Consolidation of The Juste Group in Central Nervous System
    Strengthen our presence in the Hospital sector through:

    Investment in R+D for Contrast Media.
    Launch of new Contrast Media.
    Launch of new hospital products through alliances.
    Boost research, development and production activities for active pharmaceutical ingredients.
    Increase our international presence in areas such as gynecology, central nervous system and radiology through subsidiaries and licensing and distribution agreements with other pharmaceutical companies.

  11. Diversification

    We have boosted our activity as a global manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Contrast Media through a full portfolio of products for the generic market. We also operate as a CMO for source companies.

    We have intensified our R+D activity, offering the market magnetic resonance products.

    We are researching and designing new products in therapeutic areas for human and animal health, achieving the production of active ingredients with high quality standards.

What matters most are not the awards,
but the reasons that inspire us to achieve them

The awards and acknowledgments confirm our progress in development, innovation, leadership and social responsibility. They encourage us to continue with full commitment and passion.

We base our business commitment to Social Responsibility on 4 basic pillars which are fully cohesive and integrated into our business strategy:

To the People in our organization

  • With a full remuneration model that features elements to guarantee well-being and personal and professional satisfaction.
  • With equal opportunities, diversity and fair treatment.
  • With ongoing communication policies for guidance and alignment.
  • With a people-oriented culture that makes our employees our priority, putting them at the center of our policies.

To the environment

  • Acting responsibly in our environmental management policy.
  • Developing green chemical processes to care for our environment.
  • Making the consumption of raw materials more effective to maintain and ensure sustainability.
  • Monitoring and minimising the waste we generate.


To society

  • Out objectives are aimed at education and the next generation, as the representation of our future and the future world we want to support.
  • To Health, because it is the reason for our existence.
  • To enterprise and equality, taking part in the creation of quality employment and a fairer society.


To our industry

  • The Juste Group follows the “Code of good practices of the pharmaceutical industry
  • The Board of Administration of The Juste Group has also approved its own Code of Ethics that establishes the basic principles that govern the behavior and the ethical standards that everyone in the organization must abide by.
  • The Code of good practices of the pharmaceutical industry and our Code of Ethics are documents that supplement each other, so everyone working in The Juste Group is aware of them and adheres to them.

See Ethics Code →

  • Everyone in the Group, including any external employees, in accordance with article 31 bis 5.4 of the Criminal Code, must report any possible risk or non compliance to the Risk Prevention and Control Office. To this effect, an email address is available for all employees:, so that they can inform the Office in full confidentiality, either through this mechanism or any other that they consider appropriate. The regulation of the reporting channel is explained in the Risk Prevention manual and safeguards any whistle blower acting in good faith, preventing any kind of reprisal against them.
  • Compliance is a discipline that sets up procedures, policies and mechanisms to guarantee that companies adhere to the law, accepting our responsibility in all areas: criminal, employment, trade, environment… and, besides, they ensure the sustainability of the business through ethical behavior.
  • In our case, our full commitment is to reinforce this culture of compliance, to ensure that The Juste Group achieves excellence by acting preventively.
  • This is why we arrange training, awareness sessions, audits, knowledge pills, leaflets and videos, and we rely on the contribution of additional specialized external advice.



We show moral fortitude, integrity and honesty in our conduct and behavior. We are committed to ethical, deontological values.


We are strengthening our capacity to adapt and overcome adverse situations, with a constructive approach.


We move forward fearlessly, with determination and strength to carry out our activity.


We are driven by the desire to learn and understand, to be at the forefront of research.


We apply our energy, work and constancy to improve ourselves, aiming to achieve all our goals.


We join our forces and skills to achieve the goals we have set ourselves, achieving the best results with efficiency.


We want to improve, grow and advance within the framework of ethical and moral rules, pushing ourselves to achieve the most challenging results.


we are part of our society and we want to have a positive effect on it.