With our facilities and human resources, we can provide complete R&D services, either in the development of products or for validating new analytical methods, offering optimization and improvement of the synthesis.

Accelerated Stability Studies

Our facilities have three large-volume and capacity climatic chambers with the following characteristics:

  1. Area: 18.5 m3, Temperature: 25ºC, Humidity: 60%
  2. Area: 15.5 m3, Temperature: 30ºC, Humidity: 75%
  3. Area: 9 m3, Temperature: 40ºC, Humidity: 75%

These three chambers, together with the extensive expertise of our professionals, allow us to offer stability study services for climatic zones II and IV B (special tropical) and accelerated stability, of APIs and pharmaceutical formulations.

Custom Manufacturing

Our more than 40 years of experience in the development and scaling of products, as well as our production facilities, refined methodologies, and demanding quality standards, have allowed us to carry out important custom manufacturing projects and offer this service to new clients.


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