At Juste Group we formalize the commitments in terms of health and safety through a management model, in accordance with ISO 45.001:2018, which is audited annually by the Spanish Association of Standardization and Certification (AENOR). The main objective of this model is to ensure that activities are carried out healthily and safely to preserve the integrity of the people working in our corporation.

In this regard, our safety principles are aimed at improving working conditions and raising the level of protection of workers’ health and safety, promoting continuous improvement that tends to reduce accidents and in general failures and errors that limit the efficiency of productive activity. Those principles concern the following:

  • Maintain a commitment to provide the best conditions for the protection of the people who work in our facilities, customers, and all the inhabitants of the communities where we operate.
  • Ensure continued priority attention for identifying and eliminating hazards that may cause employee injuries and illnesses, fires, loss to property or processes, among other risks.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable legal requirements, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to in aspects of human health, safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, and quality, with respect to our products, services and activities.
  • Set ambitious goals, which are regularly reviewed at different levels of the organization, in order to improve the management and satisfaction of our interested parties.
  • Consider continuous improvement as a value, permanent objective of the organization and foundation of the system.
  • Encourage consultation and participation of workers, as well as those of workers’ representatives, by building and maintaining channels of communication to promote that they contribute positively to further improve performance and ensure the success of the system.

We have an integrated policy, approved by the company´s management, as part of the declaration of principles and commitments, as well as the essential values aimed at preserving the health and integrity of people, safety and environmental protection.

An important part of our commitment to health and safety is the implementation of training programmes for our staff, to safeguard their integrity, providing them with safety knowledge, information, awareness raising and awareness.

In this regard, in recent years our staff received an annual average of more than 800 hours of training.


  • There has been an increase in the participation and commitment of both our staff and external hires in the establishment of safe routines and behaviours in various processes.
  • The coordination of business activities with external companies has been optimized, being reflected in the constant commitment of the contracts on the activities they carry out in our facilities.
  • Internal and external safety inspections aimed at identifying hazardous conditions and unsafe acts have been successfully developed annually, before accidents are triggered, thus allowing corrective measures to be taken to avoid a possible dangerous event.
  • Efficient internal and external audits have been helping us to contrast the effectiveness of the management system, as well as verify compliance with legal requirements and develop the respective improvements for better risk management and protection of our workers and facilities.
  • Actions have been developed from the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSH), concerning the development and verification of indicators (proactive and reactive) that support the company’s commitment to the health of its workers and in turn contribute to the prevention of occupational risks.
  • A Self-Protection Plan of the facilities is available, annually carrying out, through specialized external company, an emergency drill. Various activities are also carried out in collaboration with the local police and local firefighters.
  • Based on the current situation, a contingency plan against COVID and a protocol of action against COVID are available for visits, hires and external staff, which are regularly reviewed and updated.


  • Occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with ISO 45.001:2018 (ES-SST-0094/2010 from AENOR).
  • Responsible Care RC Responsible Company (Feique) recognition, since 1991.
  • Awards from CEFIC, European Chemical Industry Council, for the protection of the employees and the workplace and for the Community support.
  • Distinctive “Guarantee Madrid” for protection measures with the employees and solidarity actions to support society.