International presence

The Juste Group has a long international experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical areas.

Within the pharmaceutical area, the research drugs of the Juste Group have been commercialized in a large number of countries worldwide for more than 40 years through subsidiaries, distributors, or distribution agreements. The main business regions are Central and South America.

In the chemical area, we export 98% of our production. Our main active ingredients are present in more than thirty countries, some of which are:

United States of America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Austria, India, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Australia, The Netherlands, Argentina, Portugal, France, Peru, Colombia, Japan, Mexico, and Chile.

Our international activity will strengthen in the years to come by maintaining the current market and consolidating agreements with companies in different geographical areas. We are in the process of opening new markets for our products, adapting our development and productions to the needs of each region.