The Juste Group formalises its environmental commitments by means of a management model in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard, audited annually by AENOR.

The main objective is to ensure that its activities are carried out respecting the environment, minimising potential effects in this regard and complying with the applicable environmental regulations.

Thorough checks are conducted on the environmental aspects inherent in its activities by means of the required external controls and internal controls to monitor how these develop, to minimise possible associated environmental risks.

JUSTESA IMAGEN (a Juste Group Company) has been a member of the Responsible Care programme since 1991. This is a voluntary global initiative in the chemical industry for continuously improving the performance of production activity and all operations in line with principles of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

The environmental principles on which we base our management are:

  • Controlling and minimising the effects on the environment associated with our activities.
  • Preventing and controlling pollution and assessing environmental risk.
  • Minimising waste generation and managing wastes.
  • Reclaiming and recovering raw materials from waste.
  • Reducing resource consumption per manufactured unit (materials, water, gas and electricity), establishing continuous improvements and awareness programmes for their rational use.
  • Environmental criteria required of suppliers.
  • Internal and external communication of environmental information.
  • The training provided and the responsibility of all company personnel in environmental performance.


We have an environmental policy approved by top management that gathers Group commitments in this respect, with the necessary annual investments provided to achieve the proposed objectives.


Environmental training is a key aspect in ensuring the participation and environmental performance of the people who work in the Juste Group.

Training actions and continuous awareness-raising and sensitisation campaigns are established, with participation encouraged through various communications channels.


    • Waste management has been reduced by means of a distillation process that led to the generation of a stream of water that could be reused subsequently.
    • Ten percent of the iodine from iodine-containing wastes is recovered annually and several projects are underway seeking to use this as a raw material.
    • Electricity consumption has been optimised (continuous monitoring of consumption points, purchasing of more efficient lighting and process equipment, control and rational use of air conditioning, etc.).
    • Continuous improvements have been applied in the processes to reduce water and gas consumption (monitoring of consumption by process, reuse of water, etc.).
    • Improvements have been introduced to reduce environmental noise at various points in the facilities, enabling compliance with the lowest night-time limits established.
    • The environmental effects associated with discharges, atmospheric emissions and soil contamination are well within legal limits.

Monitoring of groundwater indicates that activities have not increased the values of the parameters analysed since these controls began.

  • The risks that may be generated in loading and unloading goods are minimised through the use of various internal protocols and procedures. No incidents have occurred in recent years.
  • There is a self-protection plan for the activities carried out in the facilities and an emergency drill is conducted annually by an external company. A variety of training activities in industrial safety are also performed with collaboration of authorities, such as the Local Police in Coslada and the Coslada Fire Station.


  • Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001:2005 (AENOR GA-2004/0545).
  • IPPC Directive. Integrated Environmental Authorisation No. 4005 (since 2008, renewed in 2017).
  • Responsible Care Programme (FEIQUE), since 1991.