Our beginnings in innovation

The Juste Group bets on innovation as one of the driving forces of its business model and as the axis of the chemical & pharmaceutical activity, which carries out to the extent that the new developments contribute to increase people´s quality of life and make it easier for patients to have access to effective, safe, and quality diagnostic treatments.

During the 70s, Juste S.A.Q.F. was already engaged in research and commercialization in the field of contrast media. Later, with the entry of the German laboratory Schering AG to the Spanish market, both companies created a strategic alliance in this area, constituting two companies at the beginning of the 90s: CIJISA (research and development center) and Justesa Imagen (APIS production plant).

In May 2009, Juste purchased 100% of Justesa Imagen, becoming the current chemical and pharmaceutical Juste Group.

From then on, the R&D&i department was strengthened concentrating all research, development, optimization, and innovation activities, which led to new projects and developments.

R&D&I-intensive SME

The Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness has awarded us the status of accredited innovative company, which means we are classified as an “R&D&I-intensive SME”, in recognition of our sustained firm commitment to Research, Development and Innovation over the years.