MINETUR Investment Grant – Optimisation of DTA production

GRANT CALL: Financial Support for Industrial Investment in the Manufacturing Industry 2014 (Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness)
PROJECT TITLE: Investments in Equipment and Infrastructure for the Optimisation of DTA Production

JUSTESA IMAGEN specialises in the manufacture and sale of radiological contrast agents. The term “radiological contrast agent” refers to any radiopaque substance that can be used during an X-ray examination, for the purpose of enhancing the images of structures that are normally not visible due to their having the same density as adjoining structures. Within this class of products, JUSTESA essentially engages in the production of water-soluble iodinated aromatic radiopaque substances, one of them being Diatrizoic Acid (DTA). The uses of DTA in clinical practice are shifting from intravenous administration for uro-angiography to oral administration as a contrast agent for the gastrointestinal tract, while non-ionic monomers such as Iohexol and Iopamidol are currently being used for intravenous administration in uro-angiography. This has led to a gradual diversification of production at JUSTESA’s plant. However, such diversification calls for substantial investments in equipment, infrastructure, training, promotion, etc. This has been possible thanks to JUSTESA’s core business activity, the production and sale of DTA, which is consolidated and ensures the company’s future, and thanks to the funding received from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, under the Reindustrialisation and Industrial Competitiveness Promotion Programme, 2014 call (File number: RCI-010000-2014-124), with a grant amounting to €827,095.00