MINETUR Investment Grant-Carragenate

GRANT CALL: Financial Support for Industrial Investment in the Manufacturing Industry 2014 (Reindustrialisation 2014)
PROJECT TITLE: New Hydrolised Carragenate Production Line

JUSTE’s current business activity essentially involves the production of finished pharmaceutical products, such as BARIGRAF. However, the manufacture of hydrolysed carragenate, the main excipient of this barium sulphate-based contrast agent, has been discontinued, compromising the continuity of the manufacture of BARIGRAF. Consequently, JUSTESA, a group company with chemical industry experience, will start to manufacture it, first to supply JUSTE and in future to sell it to other manufacturers. This has called for a number of steps and cutting-edge technology investments to implement a new production process directed and coordinated by JUSTESA, with a view to ensuring that the new production processes are efficient and sustainable, giving rise to safe, high-quality products and safeguarding the local industrial activity. This project will be carried out using the facilities of the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH), which have the necessary space for the equipment and possess the know-how required.

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, under the Reindustrialisation and Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Programme, 2014 call (File number: RCI-040000-2014-67) with a grant amounting to €209,393.00.