MINETAD Investment Grant –DTA production line improvements

GRANT CALL: AFII2016: Financial Support for Industrial Investment within the Framework of the Reindustrialisation and Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Policy
PROJECT TITLE: Diatrizoic Acid Production Line Improvements

JUSTESA IMAGEN’s activity with regard to DTA (Diatrizoic Acid) consists, on the one hand, in its manufacture, using it in the production of ionic iodinated contrast media, orally administered or injected to the patient to allow high-quality enhancement of soft tissues on images taken by means of X-ray examination. On the other hand, the company runs a major radiological contrast media marketing operation covering over thirty countries, thanks to its extensive global sales network.

JUSTESA currently enjoys a leadership position worldwide; hence its operations are sound and fully consolidated. However, the pharmaceutical industry demands the constant updating of companies to ensure the availability of high-quality products. In this regard, JUSTESA has identified a set of improvements involving its DTA production that will allow the company to improve its performance worldwide.

The present Investment Project consists of two distinct components: the first involves the optimisation of current diagnostic imaging contrast media production processes, while the second involves the improvement of quality control. New equipment will be acquired to allow efficient and sustainable production processes and more accurate and swifter analysis procedures. The project falls under the Improvements and/or Modifications of Existing Production Lines category.

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, under the Industrial Investment Financial Support Programme within the framework of the reindustrialisation and industrial competitiveness enhancement policy, 2016 call (File number: RCI-040000-2016-331), with a financial grant amounting to €315,777.00. Such funding has allowed the financing of needed improvements in the DTA production line.