Each of the generations that have been part of the history of the company, is characterized by its entrepreneurial ship and constant innovative efforts, its engagement with the project and the people that comprise it, desire for continuity, and spirit of improvement, which has led to the consolidation of the Juste Group as a chemical and pharmaceutical reference at national and international level.

D. Rafael Juste Castán

The beginnings of Juste

The history of Juste goes back to when Dr. Rafael Juste Castán – Doctor of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Ophtalmologist – moved to Madrid forprofessional circumstances. He created one of the first Spanish companies engaged in research, development, and manufacturing of proprietary medicinal products and active pharmaceutical ingredients. At its initial stages, the company specialized in ophthalmology.

Dr. Juste Castán´s vocation has always been health, to provide drugs that increase the quality of life of the patients and meet their therapeutic needs, which back then, were quite high.

He died at an early age, and his widow, Mrs. Inés Buil Cambra, became the chairwoman of the company. The board members at that moment were Mr. Luis Juste Buil and Mrs. Matilde Juste Buil, who became the second generation and boosted the company’s commercial segment. Mrs. Matilde Juste Buil engaged in the commercial development within Spain and jointly with her brother, a great creator of ideas, make many of them a reality.

First liver extracts

Mr. and Mrs. Juste played a strategic role in the development of the company. The launching of one of the first injectable liver extracts in humans, at clinical level, was carried out.

By improving the preparation, purification, and control techniques, more active liver extracts were developed and launched, as well liver extracts combined with other active ingredients. Juste began manufacturing ephedrin.

Juste S.A.

  • On July 1, 1942 Juste became a Chemical & Pharmaceutical Company.
  • The development program for the production of liver extracts, eye drops, antirheumatics, antispasmodics, cough sedatives, etc. continued.
  • The manufacturing of product for synthesis, such as methyl parahydroxybenzoate (bacterial growth inhibitor) was initiated.


  • Development of a novel packaging for lyophilized injectable products, a system known as DOBLENVAS®.
  • DOBLENVAS® had a worldwide success, becoming one of the pillars of the company.

The third generation in hand with a new strategic course

  • 1963: Mr. Rafael and Mrs. Rosario Juste Sesé – brother and sister- pick up the baton from the previous generation, starting a third crucial period.
  • The first contrast medium was prepared, from which a whole series of proprietary medicinal products were developed. Over the years these products strongly positioned Juste S.A.Q.F. in the market of radiological contrast media.
  • Over this decade, Juste, S.A.Q.F. firmly commits to this line of products. All the research and developing activities on radiological contrast are started and are currently ongoing.
  • The manufacturing of the following products began:
    • Other active ingredients, such as ferrocholinate and culture media.
    • Anesthetics for dentistry, developed through in-house research.

Commercialization of radiological contrast media at international level

  • This was a critical decade as it set the grounds to what later became a powerful radiological contrast media international franchise, establishing Juste, S.A.Q.F. as the ground-breaking company in the development and production of this type of products.
  • The commercialization of radiological contrasts at international level was initiated using different active ingredients, concentrations, and volumes, in the field of iodinated or baritated substances.
  • Relevant launching of anti-infectives and proprietary medicinal products in the area of primary care.

Justesa Imagen S.A. Research Center

  • In 1989, the CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIÓN JUSTESA IMAGEN S. A. (the JUSTESA IMAGEN LIMITED COMPANY research center) is created for the research and development of new diagnostic imaging products, parallel to JUSTESA IMAGEN, S. A.
  • Commercialization of the vitamin complex Pharmaton Complex, a great success in the market, introducing Juste in the market of soft capsules.
  • Juste began its activities in the Central Nervous System field with the successful launching of a reference antidepressant in Spain, which laid the foundation of Juste, S.A.Q.F. within this therapeutic area in the decades to come.

A successful decade

  • Introduction of new proprietary medicinal products for:
    • Magnetic resonance.
    • o Ultrasound.
  • Entry in the gynecology market with the launching of hormone replacement therapy, strengthening the presence of the company in gynecology.
  • The co-marketing and co-promotion agreements with renown international laboratories led to the launching of new drug with various indications:
    • New generation antibiotics.
    • Laxatives.
    • Lipid-lowering drugs.
    • Anesthetics and haemostatic drugs.
    • New antidepressants.
  • Juste realized that to grow and expand internationally it was necessary to create alliances that would provide the know-how and the needed structure, as well as to establish agreements with multinational corporations – in Spain as well as in other countries–. On the other hand, the search of a technological partners led to the constitution of two joint-ventures with the German laboratory Schering AG for the manufacture of proprietary medicinal products (soft gelatin capsules, radiological contras media, etc.) and for the carrying out research on active pharmaceutical ingredients and their development, and production.

Consolidation of the activity in different areas

  • During these years, Juste strengthed its position in different areas through the:
    • Commercialization of innovating drugs in different specialties: primary care, cardiology/hypertension, gynecology (contraception, osteoporosis), metabolism, and Central Nervous System (epilepsy, migraine, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and hyperactivity, pain, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis).
    • Creation of Juste Biotech for the R&D of genomic and proteomic diagnostic methods in complex diseases.
    • Strengthening of Juste’s Hospital division with new launchings in the oncology and intensive care areas.
  • Juste acquires the participation of SCHERING/BAYER in the previously constituted joint venture, thus strengthening the activity of JUSTESA IMAGEN in the R&D and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Consolidation of the activity in different areas

  • 2011: the fourth generation was incorporated in the ownership and direction of the Group; Mrs. Inés Juste was appointed as the chairwoman.
  • Definition and implementation of new lines of work:
    • Consolidate the presence of the Juste Group in the Central Nervous System area through the launching of novel innovating medications to satisfy therapeutic needs that have been uncovered until now, to help improve the quality of life of our patients
    • Strengthen our presence in hospitals via:
      • Investment in contrast media R&D.
      • Launching of new contrast media.
      • Launching of new hospital products through alliances.
    • Strengthen research, development, and production activities of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
    • Increase our international presence in the fields of gynecology, Central Nervous System, and radiology through subsidiaries, license agreements, and distribution jointly with other pharmaceutical companies.


  • From a strategic standpoint, our specialisation was focused on Radiology, with the aim of positioning ourselves at the cutting edge of innovation on a global level, maintaining our leadership in new Active Ingredients for Contrast Media.

Mission 22 Strategic Plan

  • We are five years away from our hundredth anniversary. 2022 will be an important milestone not only because it will mark 100 years of wholehearted commitment to the healthcare world, but also because it will allow us to carry on working with passion and leadership in Radiology and Contrast Media to fulfil our goal of improving the quality of life of Patients.