Human values & professional values: global ethics.

The values of the Juste Group respond to the professional consistency of its origins. Human values are inseparable from the professional ones for every person who decides to develop its professional project in this company. This set of values is reflected in our human resources policy, which we present to each person that joins the Group.

Company’s code of ethics: our constant concern.

In the Juste Group we consider companies have the responsibility of providing values to stockholders, employees, and the society as a whole. Thus, we proclaim a culture that allows us to develop our role as a driving force for global change, not only at economic level, but also as a source of social well-being. In the Juste Group we are convinced that a sustainable and responsible growth includes taking care of traditional values which support our management. We promote a culture were good practices are our reference, based on a job well done, a desire to improve, effort, and sustained commitment with the project, which allows us to advance prioritizing the company’s project over personal benefits.

Juste Group Code of Ethics

The JUSTE Group´s commitment to corporate social responsibility and legal compliance is one of our priorities. To this end, over the past years we have invested in the development and improvement of our compliance monitoring systems and in training for all the persons within the Group.

To ensure our continue improvement in this regard and following the reform of the Spanish Criminal Code enacted by means of Organic Law 1/2015, calling for the adoption of criminal risk control and prevention measures to avoid corporate criminal liability, we have undertaken a Criminal Compliance project to ensure strict adherence to the requirements of the law as set out in article 31.bis of the Spanish Criminal Code.

I therefore wish to inform you that we have adopted a new Code of Ethics for the Group, complementary to the Farmaindustria Code and mandatory throughout our organisation without any exception.

Access to our Code of Ethics

In addition, our Criminal Risks Prevention Manual is the framework document designed to identify, prevent and react to the criminal risks to which the JUSTE Group is exposed by reason of its business activity and the sector in which it operates. Its supervision and management shall be carried out through a Prevention and Control Body that is fully available to address any improvement proposals, identified risks or reports of unlawful or unethical conduct you may detect, at the following email address: This system assures the confidentiality of communications and the absence of reprisals against whoever reports in good faith any conduct violating the Code of Ethics or the Farmaindustria Code, or any other conduct deemed to be unlawful.

The JUSTE Group’s investment in this project is aimed at assuring the protection of all individuals and the company itself against the criminal risks to which we could be exposed due to the nature of our operations.

These documents and new tools may be of use to you and will allow us to continue improving in our commitment to ethical conduct towards society.