The environment deserves our utmost respect.

Because of the type of industrial activity we perform, the first principle governing the way we do our work is the highest respect to the environment. Thus, we are relentless and completely rigorous regarding the observance of environmental regulations.

This is our understanding regarding good manufacturing practices:

We are aware of the relevance of strictly applying each of the following aspects to show our constant commitment with the environment.

  • Permanent training of our employees and promotion of human commitment with the environment.
  • Establishment of our own labor risk prevention policy and ecological impact, which extend to our suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Continuous improvement regarding health, safety, and responsible environmental actions.
  • Reduction in water (75%) and energy (30%) consumption over the last years.
  • Management of residues of the whole plant.


Each certification is an incentive to improve

The Integrated Management System (IMS) covers all the areas of the company, Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety. All organizational processes and structures have a protocol and are systematically audited, including environmental aspects. The strictly environmental certifications the Juste Group has are:

  • International accreditation on environmental policy IISO 14001.
  • Compliance with the IPPC Directive: Integrated Environmental Authorization from the community of Madrid.
  • “Responsible Care”. The Juste Group is voluntarily adhered to this prestigious global program of the chemical industry.
Responsive Care