The JUSTE Group adheres to the “Code of good practices for the pharmaceutical industry”. We know and respect all the people within the company. In addition to this the Board of Directors of Grupo JUSTE has approved a code of conduct in which the basic principles of behaviour and ethical standards are established. This must be respected by all people within the Organization.

The Code of Good Practices of the Pharmaceutical Industry and this Code of Ethics are complementary documents, and therefore, both are known and followed by all the people of the JUSTE Group. The Code of Good Ethics represents a mandatory guide, which develops the basic ethical principles so that the action carried out in the execution of professional activities complies with the principles of legality, integrity and transparency, in accordance with the traditional values of our company.

Check here the JUSTE Group Code of Ethics

All the people within the Group, as well as any external collaborators, in accordance with article 31.bis.5.4 C.P. are obliged to report possible risks and breaches to the Criminal Risk Prevention and Control Body. For these purposes, the Complaints Channel is made available to all Grupo Juste employees at the following email address:, so that through this, or any other means as is deemed appropriate, such communications are delivered to the Body in a confidential manner. The regulation of the complaints channel is developed in the Criminal Risk Prevention manual and ensures the position of the complainant in good faith and prevents any type of retaliation against him.