Integrated management system

The manufacturing in the Juste Group is carried out with the highest quality standards, with supply and delivery times adjusted to the requirements of our clients.

IMS: Integrated Management System.

The Integrated Management System we use in the Juste Group interweaves all processes destined to ensure and improve the quality of the products, the safety and the environment protection by complying with all external relevant regulations, for example: GMP ICH-Q7 International Guidelines for Appropriate Manufacturing of Active Ingredients, the ISO 9001 Quality Management, international and national laws on safety ISO 45.001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems), health (LRP, labor risk prevention) and environmental protection (ISO 14001 Environmental Management y European Directive IPPC Integrated Environmental Authorization).

All organizational procedures and structures are protocolised and are systematically audited. Furthermore, they are in line with the requirements of the worldwide initiative Responsible Care of the Chemical Industry.

The documentary structure of the Integrated Management System covers all the areas of the company; regarding Quality, Environment, and Occupational health and safety, this structure is processes oriented, and take into account the contents of the previously listed international regulations, which makes easier and allows obtaining the required certificates.