Quality, Safety and Enviromental Policy

Our goal is to satisfy the present and future needs of our clients and other interested parties.

The JUSTE GROUP composed of the companies Juste SAQF, Justesa Imagen SAU and Juste Farma SLU, dedicated to the Development and Production of Active Principles (APIs) for the Pharmaceutical Industry, as well as the marketing of medicines for human use, establishes this policy as part of the strategic planning of its business. The aim is to gradually advance towards excellence, considering as essential values the health of people, safety, environmental protection and quality, within a Culture of Compliance that provides sustainability

For this reason, the JUSTE GROUP is committed to:

  • Meet the requirements of their customers, the market and society in the field of our activities.
  • To be committed to knowing and analysing the needs and expectations of different interested parties
  • Manage, analyse, and minimize risks, implementing opportunities for improvement, associated with our activities, within a culture of prevention and compliance for health and the environment.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable legal requirements, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to in aspects of human health, safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, and quality, with respect to our products, services and activities.
  • Use the policies related to quality, health/safety and environment as a reference framework to set ambitious targets, which are regularly reviewed at different levels of the organization, in order to improve the management and satisfaction of our interested parties.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness, management, and unemployment of the Integrated Management System (IMS), with an improved process-based approach, integrating all of those aspects that contribute to quality, sustainability and the creation of healthy work environments.
  • Evaluate and review the control system and risk management systematically, establishing continuous improvement mechanisms, evaluating our contribution and performance throughout the lifecycle and carrying out the necessary actions to achieve the proposed objectives, defining verification, auditing and control processes to ensure them.
  • Consider continuous improvement as a value, permanent objective of the organization and base of the system.
  • Promote the development and retention of talent within the company through training and continuous learning, adapted to the changes required in our processes of continuous improvement, as well as in a culture of prevention and integration of our Compliance
  • Build and maintain channels of communication with the interested parties, and work together with local communities and society, providing knowledge and informing them in a reliable and transparent manner.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health impairment, in line with the purpose, size and context of the organization, as well as the specific nature of its occupational safety and health (OSH) risks and opportunities.
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce risks to OSH.
  • Encourage consultation and participation of workers, as well as workers’ representatives.

To achieve the implementation and maintenance of these principles, the JUSTE GROUP (through Justesa Imagen SAU) applies an Integrated Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Management System, based on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards.

The JUSTE GROUP considers that complying with this policy is the responsibility of all employees, and undertakes documentation, implementation, and maintenance to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.

This policy is communicated to all persons working for the organization and is also made available to any other third parties as deemed necessary and reviewed periodically for continued adequacy.