Business Development: Partners

Always ready to collaborate.

Chemical area:

For over three decades, the Juste Group manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients for companies worldwide.

The Juste Group is the worldwide reference partner for the development and production of raw materials in the area of radiological contras media. Furthermore, we have global agreements with highly prestigious leading companies, and we aim continuing this by collaborating in research and/or production projects of new active pharmaceutical ingredients and establishing other short-, medium-, and long-term agreements based on the needs of the clients.

Among other things, we specialize in the following type of reactions and technologies:

    • Over pressure reactions (e.g.: hydrogenations).
    • Halogenations (e.g.: iodinations).
    • Acylations (e.g.: acetylation).
    • Amidations and transesterifications.
    • Alkylations.
    • Functional group protection and deprotection.
    • Distillation and rectification processes.
    • Decolorization.
    • Ion exchange.
    • Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration.
    • Diafiltration.
    • Drying in JET-DRYER and SPRAY-DRYER.

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