Productive process

The productive process developed by the Juste Group comprises the following phases:

  1. Reception and sampling of raw materials in areas equipped with filtered air.
  2. The raw materials are analyzed and then, once determined they are suitable, are sent to the warehouses to be used in production.
  3. The production area mainly consists of:
    • Glass lined reactors and distillers from 4,000 l to 16,000 l.
    • Separation equipment, such as vitrified, stainless steel, and hastelloy nucha filters and nucha filter dryer, as well as basket centrifuges (diameter of 1300 mm)
    • <Jet dryer (with a capacity of 270 kg/h), spray-dryer, and fluid bed dryers.
    • Clean rooms to unload and carry out the final packaging of the products or DCS drum containment filling system.

    The most used types of reaction and technology in the production area are:

    • Over pressure reactions (e.g.: hydrogenations).
    • Halogenations (e.g.: iodinations).
    • Acylations (e.g.: acetylations).
    • Amidations and transesterifications.
    • Alkylations.
    • Functional group protection and deprotection.
    • Distillation and rectification processes.
    • Decolorization.
    • Ion exchange.
    • Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration.
    • Diafiltration.
  4. The finished product is then placed in the quarantine warehouse, where it is kept under controlled temperature. Once analyzed by Quality Control and released by Quality Assurance it passes to the area of preparation of shipments to be delivered to our clients.